Sarabi Chain Whitepaper


We regulated NFT Marketplace and payable in Cryptocurrencies and FIAT. You don’t have to be a computer geek to buy NFTs.

In recent times, the market for NFTs has been extremely active, because of the personalization and the privilege of owning one's own NFTs.
Poodle Marketplace will bring you the ultimate trading platform including:
  • Multi-chain
  • Allows trading NFTs of multiple projects
  • Allowed to use multiple payment currencies
1.For the seller
  • Select the My NFT item
  • Select an NFT on the display or you can search for a specific NFT by ID (Each NFT will only have a unique ID)
  • Set a price for the NFT you want to sell transaction
  • Select the item My NFT
  • Write NFT has no buyer: if you do not want to sell a certain NFT
  • You can cancel the sell order and get your NFT back
  • Search for the NFT: you want to unsubscribe is to going to the search bar and entering the ID of the NFT.
3.For Buyers
  • Select the Marketplace section
  • Select the NFT you want to buy, or also search by the NFT ID.
  • If you decide to buy, click Buy Now and then confirm the transaction on the website and the fee comes.
Note: After a successful purchase, the seller will receive 95% of the transaction amount, the remaining 5% will be the Marketplace transaction fee and will be transferred to the SaleWallet. There are no fees for placing and canceling a sale (except for the transaction fees imposed by the BSC network).