Get To Know The Team


Core Team

Founder: Leonardo
  • A world leading crypto-financial broker and service provider since 2014 with excellent managing skills. He has his hand in a number of companies including a cryptocurrency company, a publishing and management platform that allows anyone to create, manage and sell multimedia NFTs.
Co-Founder: Trinity
  • Businesswoman, investor, co-founder of various technology companies and virtual reality startup.
Chief Marketing Officer: EDWARD
  • Extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and expertise translates into increased project awareness and profitability.
IT Manager: Kellyn
  • A highly skilled engineer who leads the technical development of Blockchain products such as: Defi, banking, NFTs, smart contract...etc.
NodeJS Developer: 0xJSX
  • A web app developer who has developed many DApps on BSC and has given consultancy to many projects on web3 applications.


  • A entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is a general partner at some venture capital firms and previously worked at Apple.